Richer Than Your Boss

What is Richer Than Your Boss?

Richer Than Your Boss is an aggregator website that searches and collects insightful, interesting, and practical information on PASSIVE INCOME. 

What is Passive Income? 

Passive Income is a form of income that puts money into your pocket with only a little time and effort on your part? Unlike a job, we could earn money in our sleep with passive income. A greatly advocated way by Robert Kiyosaki to earn passive income is through real estate investing. However, there are many ways to create passive income, some of these ways are through Businesses, Internet Marketing, Multilevel Marketing, Infopreneuring and Mobile Application.

How does Richer Than Your Boss help you to create Passive Income

To create streams of passive incomes, you’ll need quality information that works. However, more and more people becoming writers and publishers of contents, the internet is over-saturated with information. Even with Google’s help, we very often get pretty badly prepared content. That’s where we come in.

Our team at Richer Than Your Boss are on a mission to collect practical, insightful, and interesting content from only the industry’s best; websites like Robert Kiyosaki’s or Seth Godin’s

Why Not Just Go Straight 

Which is better: Viewing 5 new articles from or accessing 20 new articles from different credible sites AND all on 1 page?

What is the Mission of Richer Than Your Boss?

Richer Than Your Boss’s mission is to improve the quality of life by spreading the knowledge of passive income.


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